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Since launching the illustrious Company of Alder, Mr. Schanz has improved significantly its operations (by hard work and grit) from PerfectVisiona small business to one of the top 10 full scale, independently owned alarm companies in the United States, attaining nearly double-digit expansion every year that it’s been on its way. He was motivated to launch the company after years of working for different businesses from the home security industry. In college, Mr. Schanz sold alarm systems for another firm door-to-door and became the company's most successful salesman. He accepted a position as a head of selling, discovering success in this function among the greatest salesmen and supervisors in the industry. A graduate of Brigham Young University-Idaho with a degree in construction management, he is a down-to-earth business executive and entrepreneur who founded a home security firm in 2008. In his role as the firm's CEO, Adam Schanz focuses on providing security to customers in over 38 different countries, from a wide array of dangers and potential damages, such as home flooding, home intrusion, house fires, and even medical emergencies. The company specializes in home security and home automation services. Though it would be seven years before Mr. Schanz applied this professional experience to launch his own enterprise, he's always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic. As a kid, he'd offer to do other chores such as pulling weeds and mowing lawns for neighbors in exchange for pay. As a teen, before he was old enough to acquire a driver's permit, he began a company named Squeegee Brothers, enlisting the assistance of his loving mother and kind older brother to drive him to customer appointments PerfectVision. The enterprise was so successful that it allowed both him and his older brother to pay for college themselves and also pay the expenses to go on a mission to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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residential home security systems seller Adam ShanzUnder Mr. Schanz's direction, Alder has evolved from a tinyl alarm company to a widespread national provider for home safety services. The company has received numerous accolades, awards, and recognition for their innovative products and has been annually recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in the state of Utah. What an accomplishment! A keystone to Alder's success is the list of core company values Mr. Schanz instilled in the hearts of each and every member of the thriving company. One of these values is that "People Are Our Priority" and another is "Just Your Best.” These guide stones help workers remember how the company’s business should be done. Outside of his professional life, Mr. Schanz spends a great amount of time doting on his man beautiful wife and children. He also completed two years of service in South Africa, where he enjoyed serving and teaching the men and women there. He also sets up humanitarian trips to Africa on a regular basis.

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